In the framework of an always increasing competitive scenario, destinations and tourism companies must have clear mid-term development strategies.


We work with advanced tools to understand the real potentials, plan effective market and product strategies, and  give a concrete growth opportunity  to our clients. 




  • SWOT Analysis and Strategic Agenda for the Change
  • Development strategies
  • Identification of qualitative and quantitative goals of growth, through simulation scenarios
  • Strategic positioning
  • Analysis and strategies of portfolio products
  • Commercialisation strategies: communication and sales
  • Enhancement of competitive and sustainable advantage for the company/the product/the destination
  • Organisational and marketing information system strategie




  • Strategic guidelines for the tourism in Bologna city (2014 e 2009).
  • Long term strategy for the tourism development of Oman (participation in an international working group organized by THR - Spain - leadership of the project).
  • Tourism marketing plan for Toscana region.
  • Tourism strategic and development plan for the Municipality of Castrocaro terme and Terra del Sole (Emilia Romagna).
  • Three-year Tourism Plan 2008-2010 for Liguria region.
  • Three-year Marketing Plan and tourims development for Sulcis-Iglesiente area (Sardegna).
  • Strategic guidelines for tourism marketing for Taormina-Etna District (Sicilia).
  • Tourism strategic and development plan for Gargano area (Puglia).
  • Three-year Tourism Plan (2010-2012, 2006-2008, 2000-2002) and Mid-term Tourism Strategy Plan (1997-2002) for Abruzzo region.
  • Tourism strategic plan for Natural Park Sirente Velino (Abruzzo region).
  • Strategic guidelines for local (in the area of Tisza river) tourism development of a high environmental value transborder area among Ucraina and Hungary  (in partnership with GAL Delta 2000)
  • Tourism strategic and development plan (1997 and 2001) for Carnia (Friuli Venezia Giulia region). 
  • Tourism Promotional plan for the town of Catania.
  • Strategic guidelines for tourism development of the area of Alto Vicentino (in partnership with  ISCOM Group).
  • Strategic guidelines for tourism development for the inland protected areas of Marche region.
  • Tourism strategic development plan for a Mountain Area - Comunità Montana Alto Tirreno (Praia a mare, Scalea).
  • Tourism strategic development plan for the 4th and 5th Mountain district in Friuli Venezia Giulia region.
  • Tourism strategic and development plan for the Province of Vibo Valentia.
  • Tourism development plan for Po Delta.
  • Tourism Strategic Plan for the Republic of Slovenia.


  • Development strategy for Best Wester Italia.
  • Development strategy for a hotel group in Bologna.
  • Development strategy for a hospitality consortium in Lignano Sabbiadoro.
  • Development strategy for a slovenian holding in the wellness-spa business.

CLIENTS (selection)

Organizations and Public Entities:

  • European Union
  • Ministry for Tourism of Slovenia
  • Region of Abruzzo
  • Region of Liguria
  • Region of Campania
  • Region of Marche
  • Province of Carbonia Iglesias
  • Province of Vibo Valentia
  • Mountain District of Alto Tirreno Cosentino
  • Mountain District of  Gargano
  • IV and V Mountain Distric Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Municipality of Bologna
  • Municipality of Cervinia-Valtournanche
  • Municipality of Castrocaro Terme and Terra del Sole
  • Municipality of Grosseto
  • Municipality of Catania
  • Sirente-Velino Regional Natural Park  

Promotion and Developlment Agencies:

  • ENIT
  • Tourism & Promotional Regional Board Toscana promozione
  • Tourism & Promotional Regional Board APT Carnia
  • GAL Delta 2000
  • GAL Montagna Leader
  • Sviluppo Taormina Etna 

Private companies:

  • Best Western Italia Hotel Group
  • LTL Lignano Sabbiadoro hospitality consortia
  • Ospitalità a Bologna hospitality consortia
  • ASCOM Bologna category association
  • CIT Compagnia Italiana Turismo (tour operator)
  • KRKA Health Resorts



  • Wetlands and Rivers (TACIS)